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Church at Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland (2017)


Church at Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland (2017)

It's a long drive from Auckland's North Shore to the southern head of the Manukau Harbour. A straight line is only 35km, but the drive is 115km around the southern coast of the harbour through the suburbs of Karaka, Glenbrook and Waiuku.

The reward is worth the drive – stunning views north to the Waitakere Ranges, Whatipu Beach, Boulder Bay and Huia, only 2.5km across the narrow (and dangerous) harbour entry. Plus you'll find a lovely lighthouse, some nice walking and this beautiful little deconsecrated church.

I do feel sorry for the brake pads on my car – when I see something like this on the road, I stop pretty darn quickly (and safely of course). Sometimes it’s the light, sometimes a cloud formation or an interesting building... in this case it’s all three, with this brilliant, white-painted wooden chapel in the centre – quite a sight, and definitely worth a stop to photograph.

I shoot everything in colour and later choose my black and white settings, though I'm usually pretty clear on whether a photo will end up in colour or black and white.

This makes a terrific black and white, the classically designed building backlit with sunlight, a dramatic sky – a solitary composition.

I'm very happy with this photograph, and it makes for great wall art – if you are having trouble choosing an image, you can’t go wrong with this one. You can purchase it as a framed or unframed art print here:  Church at Awhitu Peninsula

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